Ice cream to Lisbon

Not everything is always real in commercials. But thanks to CVAglobal, this time it is. When the Frisco corporation shot a commercial for its Extrême Ice Cream in a picturesque environment in hot Lisbon, CVAglobal made sure that the ice cream cornets produced in Switzerland arrived on the film set in perfect and impeccable original condition - constantly cooled at the right temperature, without any dents or ice crystals, all around deliciously intact. Even in close-up.
The result of the film works:

Brochures to Munich

A telephone call at CVAglobal towards 5:00 p.m. The customer has forgotten a batch of important brochures in Zurich for an event in Munich. Instead of engaging a taxi-driver to travel overnight to Germany to deliver the pamphlets, CVAglobal finds a considerably more favourable solution by way of early-morning delivery by a partner. The brochures are handed over to a person described by the customer at Munich airport at 7:00 a.m.

Machine parts to Zurich and back to the USA

Even in a globalised world, not everything can be taken care of everywhere. A particular U.S. customer of CVAglobal insisted on having certain machine parts processed exclusively in Switzerland, in Bettlach (SO). Over a period of several months, the parts were collected early in the morning by a personal courier at Kloten airport, taken for processing, collected again and - provided with all relevant documents - sent by the next possible aircraft back to the USA.

25,000 footballs to Dubai

25,000 footballs have to be taken from Pakistan to Dubai for an advertising campaign. This was the first part of the order. And the second: They must be transported from Dubai 400 kilometres into the interior of the country, which, owing to flooding, is currently difficult to reach. Finally, as a small additional task, the footballs are then to be pumped up on site. CVAglobal mastered this challenge too, together with the local Intersport representatives.

A whole sales-corner to South Africa

The customer has built the perfect sales-corner for an international cosmetics brand. The brand bosses are impressed and now want to present the stand tel quel in South Africa just as they have seen it in Zurich. CVAglobal musters specialists to pack the counters, superstructures, racks and drawers all well-padded into three tailor-made crates and to transport everything from the department store in Zurich to the airport. From there, the stand flies safely to South Africa where it is rebuilt: clean, undamaged, shiny and just like new.

An aircraft part to Belgium

Sunday evening, 8.00 p.m. A customer in Belgium orders from Switzerland, through a local CVAglobal representative, a small but essential switch for an aircraft. An hour later a CVAglobal employee collects the part from the dealer and takes care of all formalities for dispatch and customs clearance. On Monday morning the shipment goes by the first flight at 7.20 a.m. to Brussels where it is shortly afterwards delivered to the customer at Brüssel-Zaventem airport.

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