We move for you

everything. No matter how big or heavy, tiny or (temperature) sensitive it may be. From the important document up to the aircraft wing, from the electronic micro sensor up to the live elephant, from the pharmaceutical sample up to mass distribution. We offer courier services, road transports, air freight, sea freight, global fast freight, Global Courier Net and medical shipping solutions.

at any time. If your customer or business partner is dependent on a time-critical freight, we ensure without delay, also during night-time hours, at weekends and holidays, that your goods are always given priority on their way to the recipient. A competent contact person can be reached around the clock by calling +41 44 438 84 84.

everywhere. Our network extends to 180 countries, is based on personal, long-standing relationships, and functions reliably and on time. As an independent enterprise, we choose the most suitable partners from our pool of reliable courier and freight agents necessary to carry out your shipping requests. Regional, throughout Switzerland as well as on a global scale, if required, door-to-door, inclusive of handling all formalities.

Transport is our passion. It is not only the great challenges that get us moving. We also attend to every kind of regular transports and uncritical shipments with care and engagement. For recurring orders, we develop a thought-out concept, including IT and logistics architecture. For proper packing, insurance, storage, distribution and customs clearance, we have solutions readily available that utilize latest transport technology and distribution logistics - if desired, gladly also especially environmentally-friendly solutions. A Track & Trace system is of course part of our services for our customers.

Around the clock. Around the world. Here you will see at a glance which of our services best support your needs.

+41 44 438 84 84
+41 44 438 84 84
+41 44 438 84 84

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